Buyers Guide

STEP 1 - Try to choose from the 10 categories of machines available as follows:

In order that to help you choose what type of machine would be most suitable for your requirement, we have listed the available Shredding Machines in certain categories. Please note that machines listed will be capable of shredding a much higher volume than those stated in our Daily Capacity sections and are not necessarily those as stated by the Manufacturers. All models will be able to cope with spikes in requirements or usage increases in the short term.

Entry Level - For Individual use: very low volume shredding up to 25 x A4 sized sheets: shreds paper only.
Home Use - For Individual or Family use: may include low volume Strip-Cut or Cross Cut machines with a requirement to shred up to 50 sheets per day.
Personal - Slightly higher volume usage up of to 100 sheets per day: Machine Shredder Head would normally need to be lifted off the Waste Collection Bin to be emptied.
Desk Side - Up to 250 sheets per day: Shredder Waste Collection Bin can normally be emptied without the requirement to lift off the Shredder Head.
Small Office - Can easily destroy up to 1 ream - 1 pack of copier paper – 500 sheets per day: 2 to 5 users.
Medium Office - Suggested for up to 10 users in a busy Office to destroy on average 2 reams (1000 sheets) of paper per day: Minimum 15-20 sheets per pass.
Departmental - Recommended for 25 Users as a centralised shredder in a Large Office to destroy complete files including cardboard outers.
High Security - These machines are designed to destroy paper documents to the very smallest particles and are generally supplied to Government/Military installations where documents must be shredded to avoid espionage and where information may undermine State Defence.
Industrial - If you are planning to shred paper or non-paper media as a means of rendering the information unusable, or simply to reduce volume we have a system to suit all requirements. Manufacturers surveys and demonstrations are available on request.
a) Bulk paper shredders from 100kg – 2100kg per hour, including single, double, and triple stage machines which will pre-shred bulky items including complete files with metal inserts prior to transporting to fine shredders. Machines can be adapted to include front conveyor systems to help load shredders automatically & rear conveyors taking waste to compaction units like compactors or baling systems. Air ducts for removal can also transport products.

b) Special unit to Crush, Perforate and Compress Plastic Bottles and Cans to ¼ of there original size.
c) Special Media Destroyers to shred CD’s, Computer Hard Drives and Boards, Carbon Tapes, Paper, Cardboard, Syringes, Tin & Plastic Cans, PET Bottles & Cups, Glass files, Industrial Waste, Plastic Housings etc.

STEP 2 - How many sheets will you need to shred per day?

This is a general guide as all machines will be capable of coping with higher capacities than we have suggested. When you have a machine your usage will invariably increase over time. For help deciding how many sheets please visit our Sheets per Day information page.

A - up to 25 sheets
B - 50 sheets
C - 100 sheets
D - 250 sheets
E - 500 sheets
F - 1000 sheets
G - 2500+ sheets

STEP 3 - How many sheets do you want to shred in one pass?

Always remember that all manufacturers quote the number of sheets a machine will shred using 70 gram paper – most copier paper is 80 grams so the number of sheets that your machine will actually accept may be less than you expect. Also oiling the cutting head will increase how many sheets you can shred in one pass.

A - 5 sheets
B - 10 sheets
C - 15 sheets
D - 25 sheets
E - 50 sheets
F - 100 sheets
G - 500 sheets

STEP 4 - How many people will use the machine?

As users requirements differ from person to person a judgment may need to be made here. Some single users will need to destroy more paper than several users in another office. Most Small or Medium Office shredders will be OK to cope with several users.

A - 1 user
B - 2–3 users
C - up to 6 users
D - up to 12 users
E - up to 25 users

STEP 5 - Would a Strip or Cross Cut Shredder be more suitable?

Remember that not only will a cross-cut shredder give you a better security, because the particles compact better than strip cut you will be able to get up to 5 times as much shredded waste into the waste collection box. For more information on what the security levels mean click here.

A - Level 1
B - Level 2
C - Level 3
D - Level 4
E - Level 5
F - Level 6

STEP 6 - How wide is the paper you wish to shred – A4, A3, Computer Printout?

Most machines are capable of shredding wider paper than the width of the entry throat, but this will reduce the number of sheets that you can shred in one pass.

A - A4 = 210mm (8 1/4") short side x 295mm (11 3/4") long side
B - A3 = 295mm (11 3/4") short side x 420mm (16 1/2") long side
C - Computer Print Out or Listing Paper = up to 360mm (14 1/2")

STEP 7 - Do you have other types of media to destroy?

Never try to shred items that your machine is not designed for. Other possible types of media include:

A - CD/DVD's
B - Credit cards
C - Cardboard
D - Floppy Disks